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Where is Milk + Ice Located?

We are located at 81 Clinton Street in Binghamton alongside De Colores Cookies y Mas.

What does 'Small Batch' mean?

All of our ice cream bases are made in 6 quart quantities and churned 3 quarts at a time. We believe this makes our high quality ingredients shine and keeps the integrity of the ice cream. We also only have one ice cream maker and that is one of the owners, Scott! Once a flavor is gone, it is gone. 

Are You a Scoop Shop?

We are currently offering scoops! 

What Flavors Will You Have?

The flavors will constantly be changing. The chocolate of this week will probably not be the chocolate of the following week. We gotta keep you on your toes, right? 

Can I do a Custom Order?

We would LOVE to accommodate everyone, but it will be a case by case basis for now. Contact here to Contact Us

Is Everything Homemade?

From the Ice Cream to the majority of the mix ins, yes. We make and bake as many mix ins in house, but we also love to partner with local bakers and makers!

Do You Have Dairy Free/Vegan Flavors?

We are constantly creating and experimenting with Dairy Free and Vegan Flavors. Once we feel like the flavors are up to our high standard, we will 100% release them. For now, we are still experimenting.

Still Have Questions? 

Don't be shy! Email us at or use the Contact Us Form and we will get back to you! 

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